Keep Focusing On The Light

The next morning was welcomed by luminous light of the sun in the horizon, I looked out of the window and saw same Jew worshipers heading toward the Kotel known also as Wailing Wall and Al Buraq Wall; its considered one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem and its important greatly unites the historical belief... Continue Reading →

Grace In The Blessings

As walking back to the hotel, the old streets of Jerusalem looked absolutely magical by night, with timed light lights the way, the same crowded streets filled with tourists during the day replaced by empty and quiet streets, some vendors and shops begin to close their doors and you may find wandering cats walking in... Continue Reading →

Keeping The Vow

Once the Christian Quarter become behind us, we entered to another quarters of Old Jerusalem; the Armenian Quarter, it considers the smallest among of them, the smallest in number of residence as well and stricter majority of its citizens are Armenian living in and around the Patriarchate at the St. James Monastery which is consider the largest Armenian church in... Continue Reading →


While sitting on stairs that I found near The Gates of Church of the Holy Sepulchre waiting for my friend, Alexandra 28 years old, I was reflecting on those who pass by in front this holy site wither they were Monks who serve in this Church, tourists like me who were much interested and overwhelmed to see Jerusalem with their own... Continue Reading →

Home and Hope

Another blessed day had started in a blessed holy city... By breaking dawn I woke up, majestic spirit filled the air, the sound of the call to prayers recalled wither it’s the Adhan of Al Aqsa Mosque or  Church of the Holy Sepulcher bells ringing or even seeing Jews worshipers heading toward The holy wall The Kotel, such moments left me speechless and... Continue Reading →

To Jerusalem

From Upper hill I stood gazing toward the heart of holy land, Jerusalem, Al Quds, Yerushaláyim, the city which captures the heart of all Mankind undisputed, never looks from where they came from, which background they have, which faith they follow, centuries after centuries and her beloved ones are going crazy about her. Closing my eyes, I imagined... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

As standing on the gates of blessed and holy land, holding an Olive branch in my hand, a breeze of its air whispered in my ears “Welcome to Kingdom of Heaven“ The Land of the Prophets, the Land of Olive Tree. The Poem poets hardly sang by its own beauty, kissed her own sincere beloved.... Continue Reading →

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